The Bible is a single, amazing, and true story in which God is the author and the hero. In Jesus, He powerfully rescues us and sets us free from sin and death for His glory and our joy. The gospel is called the “good news” and it is particularly good news about our sin problem. In a nutshell, we can sum it up this way:

The gospel is the good and true news that God, through Jesus, has defeated sin, death, and evil through His own life, death, and resurrection and is redeeming all creation, including us. 

Why does creation (which includes you and me) need redeeming? Because of sin.

Sin is living for my fame and glory instead of God’s. Sin is living life my way, for me, instead of living life, God’s way, for God. We have all sinned and really need the gospel—we desperately need Jesus to rescue us from the penalty and effects of sin, which the Bible teaches is ultimate and eternal separation from God. When we repent (surrender every aspect of our lives to living for Christ) and by faith we believe that Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection has secured and restored us to a right relationship with God the Father, then this good news is true for us!