Everyone worships!  Everyone is worshipping all the time. Every moment of everyday your heart is pouring forth worship toward some object.  Whatever it is that your heart is worshipping shapes how you think and live, how you react and respond, and how you engage or avoid.

At the root of every issue in life is worship. Why?  Because we are created in the image of God designed for worship.  We are designed to find true rest and delight in God alone. In fact, we are invited to find deep joy in knowing and loving God, or better, being known and loved by God and to live all of life from the freedom of that reality.

Sin is worship gone astray. Sin is directing our worship toward anything or anyone other than God.  Sin is setting our affections and hopes on functional gods and idols.  We all know this to be true.  Our hearts are prone toward misplaced worship resulting in the brokenness we experience.   

Worship is the language of the heart and it is expressed in the everyday stuff of life.  Not only are we worshippers, but also we are worship leaders.  By our reactions and responses, our words and deeds, we are not only revealing what our heart worships but also inviting others to join us in our worship.  The question is not if we are leading others to worship, but what are we leading others to worship?

In Jesus, God is rescuing us from false worship and giving us new hearts that are learning to set our worship fully on Him alone. Over the next several weeks we will explore four Psalms focusing on prayer.  The Psalms are designed to teach us to engage with God, to relearn the rhythms of true worship, and to shape our worship in the everyday stuff of life.  Each week we will focus our attention on a different part of prayer using a helpful acronym known as ACTS.  Our hope over these next few weeks is that together we will to learn to Adore God, to Confess before Him, to Give Thanks to Him, and to offer Supplication to him.

Below is an outline of the next few weeks with our Scripture text and prayer focus.  I want to encourage you to read the passage and think through the prayer focus each week in preparation for each Sunday Gathering.

  • Sunday, September 13th — Psalm 37:1-7 | Adoration
  • Sunday, September 27th — Psalm 51 | Confession
  • Sunday, October 4th — An Evening of Prayer
  • Sunday, October 11th — Psalm 19:7-11 | Thanksgiving
  • Sunday, October 18th — Psalm 103 | Supplication