Kids' Community Volunteer Information



Thank you for your interest in serving with Kids’ Community, there are several ways to serve! All volunteers must first submit the volunteer application and pass a background check. All volunteers must be available to serve once a month (and communicate availability monthly).

Classroom Teachers

  • Prepare to teach the lesson prior to serving on Sunday (the lesson will be sent to you by Wednesday on a week you are scheduled to serve)
  • Arrive by 9:45 am to participate in our teachers meeting at 10:00 am on a Sunday you are scheduled to serve. You will need to be ready to receive kids by 10:15.
  • Greet families, engage kids and lead them in a lesson that tells more about who God is, what he has done, and why that is good news for us.
  • Stay until 12:15 to make sure your after class responsibilities are done and all the kids are checked out by their parents/guardians.
  • Read the monthly updates we send out to stay informed of the changes that might be happening
  • Abide by procedures and practices of Kids’ Community described in Kid’s Community Handbook
  • Participate in Kids’ Community trainings (as provided)
  • Provide feedback (you are an important part of the Kids’ Community Team and your ideas, thoughts and constructive criticism are welcomed, needed and appreciated)


  • Arrive by 9:45 on the morning you are scheduled to serve. Connect with the Kids Lead of the morning to get any special instructions needed that morning.
  • Get your name tag prior to teachers meeting at 10:00.
  • Greet families as they check-in and be available to assist in classrooms as needed.
  • Monitor classroom capacity of volunteer/kid ratios. Close the classrooms when they are full.
  • Welcome visitors and walk them through filling out and signing connect card (indicating they understand discipline/bathroom policy), setup profile on the Kiosk in the Planning Center.
  • Connect with Kids Lead again before closing check in and relay any information they might need to know.
  • Check in team will also serve as the primary back-up teachers if there are more children or fewer volunteers than expected on Sunday morning.

Other Serving Opportunities

The needs of Kids’ Community are diverse and we believe that your specific talents and skills can greatly contribute to how we serve our Soma family. There are opportunities for you to get involved with teaching kids, service projects, classrooms organization, events, etc. For more information talk to our Kids’ Community Lead. 




As a volunteer with Kids’ Community, part of your commitment is serving one Sunday a month. We count on that as it is the only way to make sure we have enough teachers in each class each week. You need to report your availability by blocking out dates you are unavailable in the Planning Center. An email will be sent out each month to remind you to block out your dates before the schedule is made. You can go and block out dates at any time before that. If you do not block out any days, we will assume you are available any Sunday. If you need to block out the whole month, please let the Kids Lead know in advance.


Schedules are made once a month. Once you are scheduled, please respond to the Planning Center Email to “Accept” or “Decline” your assigned date. If something comes up last minute and for some reason you need to “Decline,” please find someone to trade with and notify our Kids Lead. Schedule and contact list of volunteers is sent out at the beginning of the month with our monthly update.

Finding A Replacement

  • Turn to your MC for help - if there are other teachers within your missional community, ask if they can switch with you or jump in instead of you and inform our Kids’ Community Lead of the change.
  • We send out the schedule and the list of our volunteers with their contact information with our monthly updates. Look for another teacher scheduled some other week that you can switch with (ideally from the same classroom, but not necessarily). Contact them personally and then inform Kids’ Community Lead of the switch.
  • Remember - a personal ask is always better than a post on any social media or application. It is also a good opportunity for building relationships and discipling one another, so we encourage you to engage face to face as much as possible!
  • Let Kids Lead know if you need help finding someone or if it is a last minute thing- there are a few people who volunteer as our back ups that we might be able to connect you with.

Teacher Meetings

There is a mandatory meeting for all Kids’ Community volunteers serving on any given Sunday at 10.00 am in the Courtroom that you are expected to attend. Your kids are welcome in there with us, just make sure you arrive in time to get them checked in prior to the start of the meeting, so you can be ready to head to the classroom where you are serving right after the meeting is over.

After Class Responsibilities

Please take some time to clean up the classroom after you are done teaching. Have the kids help you with putting toys away and packing up our classrooms. Wipe down tables and used toys with the disinfecting wipes and stack tables & chairs against the wall.

*      Pack all materials & resources in the proper containers to be transported to the storage unit.


If you notice any signs of abuse, you are responsible to report it to child protective services. You are not alone in this process/ decision. Ask some clarifying questions, then bring in our Kids Lead or Andy Hall to assist you in this process. Do not make a report without first consulting the Kids’ Community Lead.

Emergency Procedure

In case of an emergency, you are responsible for the kids in your classroom to safely exit the building. Use your sign in sheet to count them, have them line up, then wait for the Kids Lead to make a decision about which exit is safe to use. Kids Lead will be in communication with the Gathering Lead about the details of evacuation. Our teachers will stay with the kids and help them evacuate safely. In case of a lockdown you are required to stay in the classroom, with the doors shut and wait for further instructions.


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Please provide the following information for your reference: Thier Name, Your Relationship to person, thier phone, and thier email address.
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