A financial budget is more than a list of numbers and expenses; it is a vision document. A budget shows an organization’s values, priorities, and beliefs. Below is Soma North Georgia’s annual (Jan-Dec) budget that is created, and overseen by the elders. The elders review this budget quarterly and any changes will be communicated to the church. This budget highlights the costs associated with different elements of our mission, purpose, and strategy. This page also offers a summary behind the why for each financial investment. 


Our operating budget is the bare-minimum, with our current expenses and commitments, to continue as we are being the church in Dawson and Forsyth and pursuing our hope and prayer of introducing this area to Jesus while learning to follow Him ourselves.






We believe the best resource to invest in is people equipping the church for ministry. This is what Soma North Georgia pays to free TJ and Andy to do the work of equipping our church in the gospel and mission. This figure includes salaries based on each family’s financial needs, cost of living in Dawson & Forsyth, and fair compensation for their skillful labor. This number also includes the cost of payroll taxes. We view this as an investment in the gospel and missional growth as they are able to leverage a combined 80+ hours a week for training, preparation, shepherding, and oversight.




Gatherings, Administration, Equiping, Resources, Savings



This budget item is used for basic administrative supplies and expenses such as subscriptions, insurance, supplies for staff, rent, liturgy, equipment, and other costs associated with hosting weekly worship gatherings. We believe one of the primary aims of the church is to equip and release the church into the world through missional communities as a source of hope, peace, and love in our neighborhoods, work places, schools, and everyday activities. This budget allows us to build healthy leaders through more resources & training while caring for gospel communities with annual retreats, books, devotionals, Bibles, and helpful discipleship materials for free. We believe in stewarding money well by having a savings account for not only emergencies but to invest in the future of this community.



Church Planting & Missional Communities



We support church planting and missional efforts both locally and globally through two relational organizations: Soma Family of Churches and the North American Mission Board. These two groups help assess, train and support church planting teams throughout the US and overseas. 




The strategic budget is where we would like to grow. The strategic budget highlights where we believe God is leading us to invest, the costs, and what increased generosity would look like for our church. Essentially, this is the budget to allow us to excel in our hopes and prayers for our church.