What's our Goal?

Once a month, I gather with the other members of RCC strategy team to discuss the current and future state of our church.  It's a fun time to encourage and inform each other on the progress of the church and also to work through the areas that, quite frankly, are not going so well.  

We talk about budget, worship, sermon focus and some boring things like how we should organize chairs.  However, most of the time we spend is on our Missional Communities.  RCC’s focus on Missional Communities rather than the Sunday Gathering has been an intentional focus from the beginning of the church.  If you read more about MCs on our website, it may seem like a new and different way to do church (or be the church).  However, this is actually the way the original church functioned.

The church was referred to multiple times in the New Testament with the Greek word oikos -- which meant “households”.  In these households, they included combinations of other families that saw one another as their own family.  There are challenges to seeing this as just another way to do church, but listen to what Caesar Kalinowski points out:

Our goal is not to have a group or program that we call our “missional community.” Our co-mission is to lovingly invite the people God has purposely brought into our lives to join us in community as together we share the story of the gospel, make disciples, and learn to live as an extended family following Jesus together (95).

I’m am excited to rediscover and encourage the original way of being the church that is made up of oikos committed to teaching and making disciples in all of life.  In this excitement, let us not see this as a new church fad; let us see it as the way God intended it to be lived out.

Grace and peace -

Ryan Yackel, MC East Leader

Reference: Small is Big, Slow is Fast (Caesar Kalinowski)