the STORY of GOD

As followers of Jesus in the religious south, we have great news—Jesus has come to rescue us from our sin AND self-righteousness. Jesus changes everything about us—He is TRUE news and GOOD news! Because of Jesus, even in the South, we can be real. We no longer have to hide behind our attempted good works, right beliefs, and “I have it all together” appearances. Jesus frees us from ALL condemnation.

Disciples of Jesus have the privilege and responsibility to share Jesus with one another and our city through our everyday lives. Jesus said, “As you all are going (in everyday life together), MAKE DISCIPLES...” (Matthew 28).

Discipleship is a Spirit-empowered process where we increasingly grow in our devotion to God, to one another, and for our neighbors. One way we do this together to journey through God’s Story, the Bible. All of us struggle to let go of our desire to rule our own lives—believer and not-yet-believer alike. The Story of God points us back to the Good News about Jesus. Through the Story of God, the gospel lovingly confronts our unbelief, both believers and not-yet believers.

We all live life in light of story, believing a certain narrative about the way things are. Stories and times of deep, shared interaction provide a rich, powerful way of helping us on our discipleship journey. The Story of God helps us explore...

  • What happened before time began? How did all of this start?
  • Who or what created me!? Why do I exist?
  • Does my life really matter, does it have meaning? To whom?
  • What happens after I die?
  • Why is the world the way it is...? Things don’t seem to be going that well...

The Story of a God is a journey through God’s Story with times of dialogue, interaction and reflection that serve as a foundation for new disciples (anyone you are in a relationship with) and gives more mature disciples an easy, reproducible method for introducing groups of people (or an individual) to the claims of Christ and what it means to be a disciple. This is NOT a one-time exercise. We need to go through this Story often so that God’s Story will increasingly inform and transform our “story”!

  • Friday, September 22 | 7pm - 9pm
  • Saturday, September 23 | 9am - 2pm
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