Better Together

The Kingdom of God Displayed in the Marriage of Two Church Plants

I have some very exciting news that I wanted to share with all of you.  Before I do, I want to thank each of you for your prayers, encouragement, and support for Redemption City Church.  It is through your faithfulness that the Spirit of God has blessed us.

 The Marriage of Two Church Plants

Here is the exciting news.  We are merging together with another church plant.  Why?  First, it is because we believe that we are better together! We believe that as we submit to the Holy Spirit, the gospel will have a greater impact in our area.  We believe that the Kingdom of God will be displayed in the marriage of two church plants.  We choose to use the term “marriage” because we see it as the union of two equal church plants becoming one for the sake of the Kingdom. For us, it is about laying down our individual names and smaller visions to exalt Jesus’ better name and to pursue His bigger vision. Secondly, we believe that the Kingdom of God can be clearly displayed through the people of God being transformed by the power of God living for the mission of God. We are called to make disciples who make disciples for the sake of His Kingdom—this is what we are after.  Third, there is no greater demonstration of the gospel’s power and the work of the Holy Spirit than when God’s people love one another. Jesus tells us that the world will know that we are his disciples by our love for one another.  We want to love one another well and in so doing demonstrate the gospel.  We want to pursue one another because we are pursued by Jesus. We want to be the family of God and invite others into His family.  What greater display is there than two local churches becoming one for the sake of the gospel?

Let give you a few details that you may be wondering: 

  1. This “marriage” does not change who we are or the mission we are on? The really great news is the DNA of both plants is the same.  Our mission is to make disciples who make disciples and we both believe that the most effective way to do this is through missional communities. For us, missional communities are smaller groups of people committed to growing in our gospel enjoyment, living life in community as a family of servant missionaries, and sharing the gospel on mission together.  And the cool thing is that both church plants believe that the primary organizing structure of the church is missional communities. 

  2. Will we keep our name as Redemption City Church?  No.  We believe that part of the process of this “marriage” is laying down our individual church names in order to exalt a better name. Our new name will be Soma North Georgia Church.  Soma is the Greek word for “body.” It is one of Paul’s favorite descriptions of the church in the New Testament.  This transition will also put us within a larger context.  In addition to our continued partnership with the North American Mission board we are also a part of Soma Communities—a family of churches making disciples and strengthening one another while planting churches of missional communities toward gospel saturation.  
  3. What about Sunday Gatherings? Our new location will be 6140 GA400 Cumming, GA 30028.  We will be renting this space for our Sunday worship.  Worship will be every Sunday morning at 10:30am beginning June 5. 
  4. What if I am financially supporting RCC? We are in the process of opening a new bank account under the name of Soma North Georgia Church.  Once we do we will merge the two existing accounts (Redemption City Church & The Gathering) into the new account.  We still plan to keep the other two accounts active for at least the next six months.  Until the new account has been opened you can continue to make the check out to Redemption City Church.  Once the new account is established we will let you know and at that point you can make the check out to Soma North Georgia Church. 
  5. How do I continue to Support?  Where do I send my support? You can continue to send your support in the same way you have done in the past.  (1) You can send it by mail to 505 Lakeland Plaza Suite 385 Cumming, GA 30040. (2) We will let you know once we open the new account so that you can start sending support to Soma North Georgia. (2) If you have been giving through our website you can continue to do so:  Once our new website is operating there will be a way to make contributions through the new site much like you are currently doing through our RCC website.  (3) You can always join us on a Sunday and support us that way as well. 

How can we pray?  What specific needs do you have right now?


  1. We need a 6X10 Cargo trailer.  We will be a mobile church and therefore we will be loading in and loading out every Sunday.  In addition, we will not have any storage space at our new location.  So we are in need of a cargo trailer that we can store our equipment and haul back and forth.
  2. We need arts & crafts / toys for pre-school and younger kids.  We will have about 15 kids as part of Soma North Georgia Church and many of them are pre-school and younger.  We are needing items for crafts & play along with totes to pack and store them.
  3. Financial Resources for marketing and communications such as signs, banners and printed materials. 


  1.  Pray that God will increase our love for one another as we learn to be family so that the glory of God will be known in our area.
  2. Pray for the spiritual health of our missional communities as we grow in our gospel enjoyment as a community on mission to make disciples who make disciples.
  3. Pray for TJ and myself as elders of Soma North Georgia (1) that the Spirit might fill us with humility and love toward one another (2) that we might be sensitive to the Spirit’s leading and grow in our dependence upon Him (3) that we might shepherd our people by living the gospel before them and equipping them toward gospel-centered mission.
  4. Pray for Missional Community leadership development and multiplication.
  5. Pray for Gospel saturation—that we would see at least one missional community for every 1000 people in our area—this is a huge vision and mission that will only be accomplished through the work of the Spirit of God and He transforms the people of God and empowers them for the mission of God.

Grace and Peace be with you

Andy Hall