Will I Read My Bible Today?

I give thanks to God for a lot of things in my life.  I give thanks for food, family, friends, community, and a steady paycheck on a regular basis.  However, the one thing that I constantly neglect to read and give thanks for is God’s Word. The reason why I don’t give thanks is because it’s not apart of my daily routine.  I have to go to work, I have to eat food, and an extrovert like myself definitely needs to be apart of a community.  Reading Scripture doesn’t seem to be something that I necessarily have to do.    

Case and point, I would rather write a blog post about not reading Scripture than to actually pick up that leather bound book and read it!  And I seriously am doing this right now.  I know I should read the Bible, and I have time to read the Bible right now...but I chose to fill this time with distraction rather than taking solace in knowing more about my God. 

Will I read my Bible today?  This is the question we must ask ourselves.  Quite honestly, the question should always end in an affirmation to know more about what God wants us to know about him.  Take encouragement with this video below, watch it every morning or night if you must.  May it strengthen our devotional lives and wake us up to marvel that God wrote a book to be known by his people.


Ryan Yackel is the MC East Leader at Redemption City Church, and  a coffee addict.

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