Introduction to Galatians | No Other Gospel

From April 12 – August 2 we will be teaching through the letter to the Galatians during our Sunday gatherings.  Galatians could be summed up as a reminder to the Galatian churches that there is no other gospel.  We think this series is really fitting for us today and we believe it can be really powerful for our church family.  We all (RCC and Culture) carry with us different perspectives to varying degrees when we think about the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Whether it is because of our upbringing, our assumptions, our theological leanings, bad church experiences, personal life experience, poor bible teaching along the way—the truth is we all need to hear again (or maybe for the first time) the one true gospel because there is no other gospel.

This series is for everyone:  RCC family, Christians, new disciples, non-yet-believers, skeptics, those who are a mess and don’t know it and those of us who are a mess and do know it.

If you are new to Redemption City this is a great time to connect with our community.  If you have been with us for a while this is a great time to be formed by the gospel.  We encourage you to come and gather with us prepared and expectant.

We want to help you with your preparation each week so we have included both a reading guide that highlights the verses we will cover each week (tentative) and background notes with an outline of Galatians in order to help you to know the setting and purpose of the letter. 

  • Download the Reading Guide HERE 
  • Download the background and Outline HERE.