In You and Through You

We are a church of missional communities.  In other words, we are a collection of smaller groups of people learning to live life together AS mission.  We believe the mission God has sent us on is to make disciples who make disciples.  Therefore, at the heart of each missional community is discipleship.  Discipleship, for us, is the process of leading others to increasingly submit all of life to the empowering presence and Lordship of Jesus Christ.  And we believe this happens most effectively through missional communities.

Over the past couple of months we have been wrestling through discipleship in our Sunday Gatherings.  Our deire is to help you grow in obedience to Jesus and equip you to make disciples.  The reality is that life is messy and discipleship is hard! Because there are so many interrelated levels and issues when we engage in the discipleship process and this necessitates our need for, and dependency upon, the Holy Spirit to guide and lead us.  Over the past two weeks we have dealt with conflict resolution and stewardship, both of which are indicators of the heart and a visual expression of the gospel.

Missional Communities Fight FOR One Another

Because of the Gospel, we work hard and fight FOR one another.  We are co-ministers with Jesus and called to be conduits of grace and given the ministry and message of HIS reconciliation, redemption, and restoration. Without the gospel reconciliation would not make sense.  With out the gospel only revenge and justice and punishment makes sense when we have been wronged—sometimes deeply!  But we have been reconciled with God through Jesus Christ FOR the purpose of reconciliation with one another. It is awesome to be a part of people who take gospel reconciliation seriously.  As we continue to live on mission together, we will continually need to fight FOR one another.   

Missional Communities are a culture of generosity

God has blessed us with His resources so that through us, He might bless others.  In other words, what God has done in us, He wants to do through us.  Therefore, we are a giving people not only because of what we have been given, but also from what we have been given.  I am thankful for the ways that I have seen and heard of your generosity toward one another. My hope and prayer for each of us is to grow in generosity, as we increasingly love God more than our resources. As you go about your work or school, hang out with friends, gather together in your missional community, I want to remind you to steward God’s time, money, and resources in the way that He wants. 

Andy Hall