Everyday Disciples: Rhythm of Eating

When we look at the life and ministry of Jesus we see that His preferred method of evangelism and discipleship was eating meals with people.  As a God’s people, we want to see our dinner table as a way to share Jesus with people.  The best way to introduce people to Redemption City Church is through sharing meals with them.   We want to regularly eat meal with others to invite them in to the community of God.  Think about how meals are a daily reminder of our common need for God and His faithfulness to provide both physically and spiritually. 

  1. Eat with People:  Most people eat 14-21 meals a week.  Stop eating by yourself and start eating with others.  Think about this natural way God has given us to share Jesus with people.  Instead of taking your lunch back to your desk at work, eat in a common area.  Use some of your evening meals at hove as an opportunity to invite people over.  Maybe invite some from your missional community over and others from your neighborhood/workplace and share a meal together.
  2. Eat with Purpose:  Meals present a great opportunity to give thanks to God for His provision.  Ultimately, we know that his greatest provision to us was Jesus.  So slowdown and eat with purpose by reflecting on God’s grace and discussing it with those at the table.  Give thanks at meals by acknowledging God as the Giver of good gifts.  Enjoy your food and the good Creator who has given you so any wonderful tastes.  Tim Chester wrote a great book on meals that I highly recommend (A Meal With Jesus).

5 Practical Ideas for Eating

  1. Set a goal to have more meals with neighbors / coworkers than you are currently having. 
  2. Make a schedule each month with the nights you want to host people for meals.  Prayerfully consider who you will share a table with (neighbors/coworkers/MC family).
  3. Start a supper club with people in your neighborhood or network of relationships. 
  4. Start a monthly dinner night at your house that has an open invitation for anyone that want s to join and bring people.
  5. Find people in your missional community (church community) who live cooking and get them to help others grow in their appreciation for fine food. 

Consider:  Leviticus 23; Matthew 6:11, 26:17-30; Acts 2:46-47; Romans 12:13