We are grategul for the season that God has given to us to be a local expression of His family and we are hopeful to see what God will do in this new season. 

Regardless of where God may scatter us, we are family.  God is doing a new thing! Although there is uncertainty with change, God doesn't change.  His vision for gospel saturation hasn’t altered and that is exciting!

Jesus loves his church and by grace through faith in Jesus that is who we are!  As his church, we have seen some amazing thing happen over the past six years and we are thankful for His provision and kindness and for using us for His purposes and we want to celebrate this together.  God is doing something new and we want to celebrate by remembering all that He has done in, and through, Soma North Georgia. The old has gone - we have closed our doors on this local expression (church plant). The new has come - as God scatters us into various local bodies, we are hopeful that He is up to something amazing.